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Sep 5, 2011 5:00pm EDT
not know how the indiana man died. they want to question five hikers who may have come in contact with him. they do not believe his death is connected to another man found dead in the washington national forest last month. >>> the lights are back on for almost all pg&e customers. crews from 18 states helped to get the power back on. irene was one of the most damaging storms in b.g.e.'s history. sunny weather. save the beach weekend along the coast. visitors were down 30% at the beginning of the weekend but by friday evening only down 10%. a quick cleanup eckstein to help business rebound for a good labor day weekend. >>> and those who left town for the long holiday weekend are now heading home, just in time for what travel experts call terrible traffic tuesday. >> let's take a look at 395 right here behind me. traffic is -- you cannot call it heavy, but you cannot call it a risk. according to aaa now is the time to come home. the end of summer ride home may not have the volume of traffic in years past. aaa says it is because of the economy and high gas prices. there is a nearly 3%
Sep 16, 2011 5:00pm EDT
indiana. a young woman escapes after being kidnapped by her own father. it is all caught on tape. surveillance video shows a 21- year-old woman running naked from the car into a liquor store. the owner said she had a rope tied around the ankle which he read into the store. moments later, her half naked father runs into the store and crabs are in a headlock and bulls are back toward the car. >> she was scared to death. she was shaken. >> as the woman's father attempts to leave the scene police pull up and they arrest him. 55-year-old is charged with criminal confinement and battery. he said he conducted her -- his daughter from oklahoma and was heading to his home in michigan. also caught on tape, an ambush at a restaurant. as you see on the video, he is seen tossing items off the counter. he takes a swing in the year before leaving. he was not finished. he came back. he grabbed a mop and hit the workers with it. police say he was upset about the disease -- he was upset about the desert portion of his meal. >> anger management may be. >>> the golden arches are rolling out new happ
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2